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All About Us HIghaltitude2u, who are they?

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HighAltitude2U.com is operated by G. Tadj Hemingway, in Southeastern Michigan. You may ask, "What does a guy form the suburbs of Detroit know about cycling, kayaking, camping, skiing especially in the Mountains?" Tadj is a second-generation ski patroller, a third generation Boy Scout leader and an experienced mountain bike racer. As a child, the Hemingway's would ski together almost daily on the best snow in the Midwest and take a road trip every year to the Rocky Mountains for a two week ski vacation. While on those trips Tadj fell in love with the beauty of the mountains, the air and the mountain culture. He also grew up in an active scouting community where he was exposed to many different outdoors experiences while earning his eagle rank. Tadj is also an avid cyclist. While doing service in California and Arizona he only road a mountain bike for two years and loved it. So tried mountain bike racing and wasn't fast enough to become a pro, yet still enjoys the sport.

HighAltitude2U is more than just an online store, originally created in 2007 as a ski resort directory, people could get ski resort stats and the other information they need to plan a ski trip. Then, cycling information was added and began selling online in the fall of 2010. HighAltitude2U has grown this knowledge base with staff to total 55 years of ski patrol experience, 30 years of Boy Scouting experience, 10 year of MTB and other bicycle racing experience and several years of online/mail order processing. From that knowledge base we can help our customers find the right piece of gear for their adventure, tips on how to use them and make the order process as smooth as possible. Shop highAltitude2U for your action and adventure gear.


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