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Technical Changes for

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As a young and growing business we realize the importance of providing the best service possible. This need has forced us to realize we had to move to a better web server old_computer-site
Our new server is faster and more efficient, just like the gear we sell. During the transition you may have noticed the site acting a little buggy. All that’s taken care of now and we can process your order faster than ever before.  datacenter

Our winter gear is on sale now and summer gear is on it’s way in.


Michigan ski and snowboarding improvements

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Two of Michigan’s ski resorts are going though some improvement that we could be more happy about.
First Mt. Brighton in southeastern MI in the western suburbs of Detroit, open, however was in major need of some clean up and it was bought by Vail last season. The folks at Vail have spent the summer giving it an “epic” makeover. This Saturday Oct 5th 10am Lindsey Vonn will be there to show off the new digs. Check out their facebook page to see the improvements

Second Sugar Loaf Ski area up north near Traverse city, closed for about a decade have been bought buy entrepreneur Liko Smith. Mr. Smith Plans to open in Nov 14th as a Snowboard Mecca. Read the Press Release for more details

We wish the best to Both ski/snowboard resorts, Many their slopes be full of snow.

Shop by Brand

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We sell the top brands in out door adventure gear and we’ve made it easier to shop for your favorite manufacturer. We’ve reconstructed our shop by brand page listing the top brands we sell in alphabetical order, with brief descriptions linking directly to their products.

Skiers & Snowboarders

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Skiers and snowboarder have you been planning where you’re going to ride this season?

We have been busy getting ready for the 2012/13 season because we have totally reconstructed our U.S. ski resort directory on a WordPress blog platform. First we’ve added trail maps to many of the resorts descriptions, so you can see the number of trail and what type of terrain the area as to offer. We given each resort their own page with a comment section that you don’thave to be logged in to leave a remark. So you can look up your favorite rocky mountain resort and leave a gleaming review or criticism if the experience was less than what you had imagined. Check it out and tell friends and let us know what you think.

Find A Ski Resort

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Skiers, Boarders and anyone who enjoys ski resorts.

Are you planning out your ski trip now? Looking for a new place to go? We have
mapped out all the U.S. ski resorts by state with Google Maps. We’ve pin pointed
the geographic locations for the ski resorts and linked them to a chart with all
their stats. want to know how many lifts & runs, how tall is the peak? We
have contact info and a link to their web site. So if you want to check out destination
resorts in Colorado or where the southern most ski area is, check out our map.
You can view by continental U.S.(so many it takes up three pages) or look state
by state. Want to know which state has the most ski areas to chose from? Here’s
a hint it’s not in the western rockies, but the eastern half of the U.S. So when
planning you next ski trip use our interactive map.

View U.S. Ski Resorts in a larger map

Famers Almanac Winter Weather Map for 2012/2013

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2013USFA Winter Map SMALL

Famers Almanac Winter Weather Map for 2012/2013

Here is a look at the Farmers Almanac Winter prediction for the 2012/2013 winter ski season. Will it be a cold winter with lots of snow or a warm winter season with very little precipitation? Find out here with the Farmers Almanac winter outlook for this upcoming winter of 2013.

After a year of unprecedented warmth – both during the winter and summer months – the great debate over whether or not Old Man Winter will return with a vengeance is on.

Last winter was the fourth warmest for the contiguous 48 since record keeping began in 1895, with 24 states experiencing below-normal precipitation. In fact, California experienced its second driest winter ever. In only 10 states—chiefly across the nation’s midsection— was winter precipitation above normal.

The situation became critical this past spring and summer with broiling hot temperatures across much of the country and the most severe drought conditions the nation has seen in more than 50 years.

For the coming season, we’re predicting that winter will return to some – but not all – areas. We think it will be a “winter of contraries, as if Old Man Winter were cutting the country in half. The eastern half of the country will see plenty of cold and snow. The western half will experience relatively warm and dry condition. In other words, as in the political arena, the climate this winter will render us a nation divided.

We predict that real winter weather will return to areas from the Great Lakes into the Northeast. Most eastern states – as far south as the Gulf Coast – will see snowier than normal conditions and cooler temperatures. Keep Reading at

Growing Pains

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We’re a newer company and with growth we had become cramped with warehousing, office and technical areas on top of each other, a bigger space was becoming necessary. Plus since the economic down turn the nearby neighborhood and schools had become not as safe as they once were. We knew we had to move.

As they say in real estate location, location, location. After spending a long time looking for a place that would fit our need for size and an area where the people are financially able to enjoy the outdoors. We’re now in a area near more parks with mountain bike trails, the Clinton river for canoeing and kayaking and converted rail trail. Plus we’re also closer to our favorite ski areas.

This all sounds great but moving can be a pain.

Transporting inventory and other office stuff was the easy part. Getting settled in takes time. The new place needed utilities turned on, grounds clean up and renovations. I learned the hard way there was poison ivy growing within the landscaping. We also learned of power instabilities during the extreme heat and storms that covered much of the midwest at the end of June thought the beginning of July. Now we need to learn the neighborhood. I spent this morning driving around looking for my new bank branch locations, GPS was bringing up 7-11 ATM’s then I was off to find a computer store.

In hind sight we may have been too ambitious to think moving everything would be quick and easy. We’re still are working on a few things but we think we’re beginning to have the move under control. Please forgive us if our lack of organization during the move has led to a delay in processing your order.

S’mores with Bacon, Yummy…

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We had our first camp out of the season and we brought the kids. The weather
was perfect so the campsite was packed with other campers, especially Boy Scouts. Teenage boys in greenish uniforms were everywhere we turned. We
had planned on doing some product testing, however with little kids we spent
most of the time keeping them out of danger from the adjacent river and the
poison ivy. After the sun went down we had a modest campfire and let the kids
roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Then it was time for bed. The only product
tested was a low profile cot. I was too heavy and my overweight midsection
sagged into the components of the cots undercarriage all night long. A very
uncomfortable sleep.

Breakfast was french toast with bacon. The guy who brought the bacon
shopped at a warehouse store and brought about 5 pounds of bacon for 6 adults
and 7 kids. The french toast went quickly but there was a ton of bacon and it
was time for some HA2U creativity. We thought about making some animal traps
but there were too many boy scouts and we couldn’thave the chance of letting
them get hurt. Then we thought about using bacon as fishing bait, but the only
fish we saw were Blue Gill. They nipped at it but no luck. We got back to the
campsite and got the fire going again. We were just relaxing around the fire
and the kids wanted s’mores again. As they began to roast the marshmallows I
saw the bacon and something clicked. I pulled the sticky marshmallow off the
rosting stick and wrapped the bacon around the outer edge and magic happened.
The roasted marshmallow’s oooy-gooy stickiness held the bacon around it, and
as I ate I could hear an angelic choir in my mouth as my taste buds sent messages
of joy to the pleasure receptors in my brain.

So get outside and take your kids camping, or cycling, or skiing, or kayaking
or do whatever you enjoy doing outside. Kids will inspire great things.

Hillsdale College Launched an MTB trail and HA2U was There.

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For the past several months Assistant Athletic Trainer Gus Hemingway has cut
an approximately 8-mile mountain bike trail. The inaugural ride was Thursday,
May10th, the day after finals to celebrate the end of the school year. HA2U
provided water, bananas and Clif bars. In
the article about the trail on the Hillsdale web site the Collegian
It says
"The trail, has more varying terrain and is accessible for people at various
skill levels." I say LIES! I have three words to describe the trail: Tough,
Tough, Tough! Especially for this old guy who spends a lot more time in front
of the computer compared to time on the bike. Ok, maybe its not that bad, actually
it’s a whole lot of fun.

The Trail is based around Hayden Park. I imagine it was once a farmers field
that was converted to a park because of too many rolling hills to easily harvest.
There is a wooded area around the park owned by the school. The trail has are
a few loops in the woods that branch off from the center of the park’s field
area. Each loop has different technical features including; rock gardens, hairpin
turns, steep climbs and drop offs, camel backs, pump track features, log piles
and more.

The Trail is not just for the students. It’s open to the public, both conservatives
and liberals. If you’re in the Southern mid-Michigan area ride the Hillsdale
Bike Trail at Hayden Park.
hillsdale College MTB trail at Hayden Park

Spring to Detroit Bike City

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Saturday March 10th was sunny and cool in the metro
Detroit area, a nice change from all the rain. It became the unofficial start
of spring at 5:30 in the afternoon because that’s when the chair lifts stopped
running at our favorite ski hill. There was plenty of snow, just not selling
enough lift tickets. Since then the weather has gotten warmer and warmer and
people are coming out of a pseudo hibernation to enjoy the outdoors again. One
great way to enjoy the outdoors is cycling. Riding a bike is fun, probably because
somewhere in the back of out brain we remember learning to ride a bike as a
child was your first experiences of freedom and independence. So get your bike
out and ride again.

Saturday March 24th we will be at the Detroit Bike
City Swap and Expo in Cobo Hall and we’ll have all the gear you need to tune
up your ride, Including, tires, tubes, patch kits, pumps socks, bags, panniers and more.

highaltitude2u at detroit bike city preview